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Product Information


 THINH KHOI company is a professional manufacturer cold room and walking freezer room. Suitable for many applications such as supermarkets, restaurants, food processing, hotels, seafood, industrial, pharmaceutical and hospital. Our FORICK cooler is designed by German technology with advanced features give you a cold room products have the best performance, high strength, good thermal insulation and energy saving. The imported components of well-known brands in the world. Automatic cold room Forick control activities in the cooling system, our cold room to ensure the design, perfect quality and reliable performance.
Is designed according to the exact specifications with your any requirements

 For panels - insulation materials we provide you with the ideal insulation material with low density heat transfer coefficient. In addition, the combination of diverse external metal surfaces and in response to fit your needs and budget, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum embossed.

Panels insulation

We offer the best insulation products polyurethane or Expanded polystyrene material.
heat density lower than 0.030W/mK, in line with international standards.
Ratio of 22 - 42kg/m3, providing secure stiffness and stability of the structure.
High fire resistance, for a safer environment.
Be positive by dream keyword camloc or video for easy installation and high compression fitting
Doors are fitted with hinged or sliding type doang to minimize cold loss.
The heated wire circuits hidden inside the door frame to prevent condensation and formation of ice at the edge of the door and frame.
- Pressure valve to remove pressure difference between the stock and out of stock.


Rooms cold Forick be installed with the components and cooling equipment of the world's famous brands such as: COPELAND, DANFOSS - MANEUROP, ECO, and EMERSON and KI & BNT. The refrigeration equipment safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Electronic control system provides multi-function control and user-friendly operation and allows data entry control system as needed.

 Refrigeration equipment:

Equipped with operation control system (PLM), will stop when the phase error or lost in order to avoid damaging the air.
Digital screen to display room temperature.
Control system for the operator to use and easy to install
Control unit suction and discharge pressure to keep pressure within the designed cooling system stability.
Thermostat Thermal overload protection for compressor too hot
Safety heat control is installed to prevent system overheating when defrosting of refrigeration systems work.




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