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 Founded on 20/02/2002.
 Is a leading company specializing in supply.
 the type of air-conditioning, cold storage, ice machine equipment, refrigeration supplies, electronics.

 With its commitment to always satisfy our customers, we have expanded operations. Our success is due to the following factors:

1. Price: As importers, official distributor of big brands, with a closed circle vavoi compact management costs so we can deliver you the most competitive prices for the products is about Us.

2. Trust: We have built trust with its customers. We want to develop relationships with customers in the long term we are committed to customer interests to serve.

3. Services: In addition to attractive prices, Khoi Thinh Company is also the design, fabrication and construction should be able to help you with product advice using the most economical and reasonable, as well as after-sales service perfect.

Our criteria:

1. Working hard for his clients, giving them quality products and best service.

2. Striving to become the leading supplier of equipment for air conditioning equipment and supplies industry professionals.

3. Continue to provide better products at more competitive prices.

Contact us:

If you ask anything about air conditioning equipment or other industry professionals come to us, or call us. Care Unit of our customers will respond most effectively for you

                                                        Our address

                            Head Office: No. 5 Trung Kinh - Cau Giay Dist - Hanoi city

                            Stores trading: No. 746 DuongLang - Dong Da - Hanoi

                            Branch: 153 Cao Xuan Huy - Vinh City - Nghe An

                            Telephone: 04.37753012 - 2260.9797 Fax: 04.38351709

                            Email: thinhkhoi@yahoo.com