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Repair - Maintenance




 Construction - installation:

 ThinhKhoi company specializing in construction and installation of air-conditioning system works and to comply with the international standard conditioning installation and construction standards of Vietnam. The works are installed according to the design including categories such as: Wall mounted, floor ceiling, cassette, ceiling ducts, Multi system (GMV, VRV, VRF) and central air-conditioning system Chille.


• Repair Service:

- Restore Thinh Company to repair all kinds of home air conditioners, refrigeration systems, ice cream, water ice pure ice and air conditioning industry. The cold storage for medicine, cold seafood .... devices for defense Deep cold, low humidity.
- Consultant to answer customer questions regarding products offered by the company.




• Maintenance Services:

- Receive periodic maintenance contract on a monthly, quarterly or year of home air conditioners, body, central air conditioning system and the air conditioning industries.

- For factory cream, ice tube: Supply and replacement of compressor oil, checking electrical systems, and calibration engine power to reach the highest efficiency.





• Consulting services to improve system

 For ice cream production system, stone pipes, we can advise customers improve the system in order to achieve the highest capacity at the same time save power consumption.
- Replace device: per of liquid, per of oil, gourd containers, valves, float ...
- Improved cold pipe system
- System control panel: automatically by electronic or conventional systems
- Change control mode
- Replace compressor - Repair - calibration system


For cold room system:

- Replace: panel, door or cooling systems
- Check the calibration system and cold room temperature
- Improved cold room and temperature control
- System protection inside and outside the cold roomo 



• Services to provide spare parts to replace:

- Supply of spare parts and components for all air conditioning systems and cold rooms: Compressors, Solenoid Valves
, Condensers, Oil separator, Liquid Accumulator, Liquyd receiver, Pressure Controller, temperature control equipment .....
To help customers use the expertise and good business development. Company ThinhKhoi free training programs, technical support staff operating the machine.