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Use air-lasting

Despite modern technology, no matter to where, if the user does not know some basic knowledge on the use of air conditioning can not be long-lasting use. According to the consultant’s customer care center’s Appliance Centre Thien Hoa, first of all need to consider the use of air conditioners with a capacity appropriate to the volume of the room to help extend the life of the machine.

1HP Air capacity for room volume 30 - 35m ³, machine room 1.5 HP for 40 - 50m ³, machine installation for room 2HP area of ​​50 - 60m ³; 2.5 HP machine is suitable for large rooms 65 - 75m ³. In addition to the appropriate capacity, still many things to avoid to keep your air conditioning is always running smoothly. Avoid the sun projected directly into the room with the curtains, awnings, translucent glass.

Do not let the outside temperature penetration into the room. Also to look out not place near heating equipment air conditioning, so will increase the room temperature. Departments should not be shielded hot because the air will not circulate the heat in the machine will not get out, can cause electrical short. Avoid installing air conditioning pipes exceed the recommended standards, otherwise will cause compressor damage due to work overload. About technology also offers many things to do if you want long life air.

Use glitches when using air pressure to stabilize the current. Distance to open the machine off at least 15 minutes. Regular maintenance of air conditioning: filter cleaning indoor air of three weeks regularly with a vacuum cleaner or brush lightly with warm water below 40 degrees C with soapy water.

Sign maintenance service provider to maintain the product at least once a year, check the gas pressure, and electrical wiring; cleaning fan, pipe flow with chemicals if necessary setting.

Should turn off air conditioners when not in use for long periods. You need to place outside the local hot spot to shade higher performance due to heat more easily. Use the off switch for the air to limit the current work, prevent fires due to overloading.

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