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HOW TO USE AIR sensibly

- Room should be regularly vacuumed, made clean, walls and ceilings often be cleaned. Also, note conditioners installed in position so that air flow can be distributed evenly throughout the room. In the room you should also keep a pot of cool water.
- Typically, the temperature difference inside and outside about 8 to 10 degrees C is consistent with the human body. In the hot season, temperatures around 26 degrees C regulation is optimal, ensuring that users avoid illnesses such as headaches, sore throat, stuffy nose ...
- You should not sit in the room air conditioner than 2 hours, when leaving the room to be open to and standing in the doorway a few minutes to keep the body adapting to the new atmosphere.
- Avoid sudden temperature changes: Absolutely not enter upon a new air-conditioned rooms in the sun on or has strong motor, a lot of sweat.
- Do not go out, go into too many times. How the sudden temperature changes occur continuously generates numerous unintended harm because the body must all be constantly scrambling to adjust to adapt to the environment.
- One of the diseases caused by air conditioning machine is the phenomenon of water loss and dry skin. To mitigate this situation, you should always drink water or a water bath under air machine. Also, sometimes you should wipe the floor with wet cheap.
- If air-conditioned sleeping at night is more noted as deep sleep, the body lacks the movement should be easy to catch cold air should be adjusted by the hour and the temperature rise at night.
- Make regular conditioning maintenance: cleaning the air filter of the indoor 2 weeks with a vacuum or brush lightly with warm soapy water, cleaning and circulation system in the indoor tubing and local heating, remove the layer of dust covered the ventilation on the local computer class at least once a month.
Do not place the machine in the kitchen, because water vapor, oil vapor, slightly salty ... stick to the machine to warm, rust ... washing machine.
Periodically remove the wheels once a year and clean air make the long traces of dust.
Read the directions carefully and take measures to use lubrication on the details provided as the drive shaft of the moving parts.
Time to use the washing machine should not last longer (avoid continuous washing out of this batch to batch). When using the washing machine should not be removed, or go to sleep. Note to handle incidents that may occur. If the machine or heat emitted a strange noise immediately stops washing for inspection

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