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Manual air conditioning


Press the ON / OFF.
POWER lamp (green) on the block will light up indoors.
To turn off, press again.

Install mode

Press the MODE button to select.
With the cooling model

With the heating model
AUTO: Automatically.

AUTO: Automatically.
COOL: Cooling.

HEAT: Heat.
DRY: Dry.

COOL: Cooling.
FAN: Fan.

DRY: Dry light.


Temperature setting

Press TEMP to increase or decrease the temperature.
Temperature can be set between about 16-300C.
About temperature.

Model cooling

Model heating
Cooling from 16-300C

Heating from 16-300C
Dry 1-20C

Dry 1-20C
Lower room temperature

Lower room temperature

In automatic operation mode, press the TEMP button to select.

High: Operates at temperatures higher than 20C standard.
Auto: Operates at standard temperature.
Low activity at temperatures lower than 20C standard.

The average temperature
Model cooling
Room temperature


The average temperature



Mild dry


Again the operation mode is selected, the temperature sensor in the active block to select the desired mode of operation with cooling and drying.
After the operation mode has been selected, that mode will not change.

Heating Model:
Room temperature


The average temperature



Mild dry




At the start of automatic operation mode, heating mode, cooling and drying light will automatically be selected according to room temperature.
This mode changes every hour as needed.

Set the fan

FAN SPEED button to select.
Press 1 time: low fan mode.
Press two times: the average fan mode.
Press three times: high fan mode.
Press 4 times: FAN AUTO: Automatic mode.

Operating speed of the blocks in the adjusted automatically according to the operation of the machine. Fans of the block in the house will sometimes stop in the freezing process.
Adjust the vertical wind

AIR SWING button to select
AUTO: For the operation of the cooling / dry off the island up / down automatically.
AUTO: For heating mode (only for type 2-way). When the temperature of the low air temperature at the start of heating operation mode, the portable air flow in the longitudinal direction, as the temperature rises, hot air will come down.

More options

COOL: Cool mode.
To install the appropriate room temperature as your desire
AUTO: Automatic mode.
Self-recognition in the room temperature to select the appropriate mode. Temperatures will not be displayed on the display screen of the remote control while using automatic mode.
DRY: Dry light.
Mode when the desiccant drying light will have a slight wind. Its temperature is not lower than room temperature. In the process of drying using light mode, the indoor fan will operate the block at the lowest level.
HEAT: Heat (The model used for heating).
The heat is removed from the outside and the room temperature increased. When outdoor temperatures drop, heating capacity of the machine can also be reduced. Snow melt mode: depending on outside temperature. The process works sometimes used to melt snow in the block from home.
FAN: Island wind regime (only used for the cooling model)
When the room temperature has reached the set temperature. Mode operation begins at the low wind. it stops when the room temperature 20C lower than the temperature setting (It is useful when you use the heat).
Make sure this time is correct before placing the self-timer. Timer mode can not be done if time is breakfast table.
On the self-timer. To start the automatic operation of the air conditioner.
Press the SET / CANCEL to set this mode.
Press the SELECT button to set this mode.
The table shows the symbols OFF timer or ON symbol: timer on.
Press the A button to select hour on / off.
Then press SET / SELECT.
Press SET / SELECT again to cancel this mode.
The table shows the symbols OFF and ON at the same time: See off after set time and date on the installation period.
In this mode, press the A button to select the time off and button B to select the time switch. Then press nutSET / SELECT.
Press SET / SELECT again to cancel this mode.
Extremely quiet mode: This function is particularly suitable when the child is sleeping.
QUIET Press 1 to activate this mode. Block machine in the house will reduce noise during operation of about 3dB.
Press 3 times to cancel this mode.
Powerful mode: To achieve the required temperature in the shortest time.
Powerful button 2 times. POWER on the block signal will light indoors. Powerful mode operation will be done in 15 ’when you want to cool or heat rapidly.
Press 1 to cancel this mode.
Creation mode Ionizer: Provide approximately 20,000 negative ions are created for a healthier room.
ION button to enable this activity.
ION blocks in the signal will flash. Press 1 again to cancel this mode.
Oxy creation mode: Supply and oxygen enriched air to your room. Oxygen blowing air helps to keep about 21% or higher.
Press 1 again to cancel this mode.
The filter is rapidly ultrasound: ultrasound system with air filter membranes rapidly. The filter uses three types of active ingredients to disable features of harmful components in the air, including allergens, viruses and bacteria.
Press again to cancel this mode.
Blocks in the maintenance and remote control
Gently wipe with a soft cloth and dry.
Do not use water hotter than 400C or liquid polish to clean block in the machine.
Cleaning the filter.
Hint: If the air conditioner working in dusty environments, please clean the filter once a 2 weeks. If continued use of dirty filters will reduce cooling efficiency and heat.
Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner.
Wash the back of the filter with water.
If more dust, wash it with soap or mild detergent family.
Let it dry and repeat on.
Make sure the word FRONT facing you.

Cleaning the front: Must be removed before washing.
A. Lift the front higher than horizontally and pull out to pick up.
Two. Rinse with water and a small sponge.
When washing not press too hard
When using a neutral detergent to wash gently.
No drying machine under direct sunlight.
3. Reinstall the front, lift the front up the horizontal axis, the joints on the block with protrusions in the house.

Air filter fine
Raise the front of the block in, remove the air filter, you will see on the left is right and Catechin filters are biological filters.
Remove the air filter out.

Biological filters:
Use to remove the odor is not appropriate and the air filter.
Clean up, put it under the sun about 6 hours and pop it into place (should be done on January 6 times)

Catechin Filter:
This filter is coated with catechin is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses.
Clean and replace the old location.
You should replace the filter in the first three times.
Do not use the filter is damaged.
Contact the official agent to buy a new filter.
Number of CZ-SF70P Catechin filter
Number of biological filters CZ-SFD70D
If you operate it with dirty filters:
Fresh air will not.
Reduced cooling capacity.
Will emit odors.

Check seasonal
Air flow cooling / heating is blown out?
Always operate in normal mode if 15 minutes after startup, the difference between air temperature and air flow blowing out to be:
Model cooling
Model heating
Cold-on 80C
Cold-140C on 80C/Nong-tren
The air blowing in and out of the blocks in the block house and outside the blockages?
The battery of the remote control are weak?
If the screen displays the battery is weak, replace the battery.

When air conditioning is not used in a long time, please
Dry the parts of the blocks in the home, 2-3 hours for the machine operation.
Model cooling
Model heating
Fan mode
Cooling temperature set-300C
Turn off the power supply and unplugging.
Note: If you do not turn off by remote control, it will reboot when you plug the power phic to (because the air conditioner is equipped with the system reboots). The remote control batteries out.

Tips for testing
After using many seasons it will be dirty, so make the machine perform poorly. Depending on operating conditions. A dirty air conditioner creates odors and dust can contaminate desiccant system. Therefore, a seasonal inspection is needed along with the process of cleaning (refer to the official agent).
Automatic control button
Raise the front and push button (top left).
Auto mode
If the remote control is lost or misplaced function button to start automatic mode automatically.
Auto mode will be activated immediately upon clicking on the button automatically. But you can not adjust the temperature
POWER light on the block in the house will blink until the operating mode is selected automatically.
To cancel this mode, press again.
Audio receiver remote control
To call signal "beep". Automatic operation button is pressed for 10 seconds or longer, will hear the cry "beep" "beep" in 10 seconds.
Note: There will hear the call "beep" "beep" at No. 5 seconds. however continue to press the button until you hear the "beep" "beep" repeat the steps so if you want to enable audio receiving.
Only for service purposes
Note: If you continue to press the button 5 to 10 seconds, the test program will be operated. A "beep" at No. 5 seconds indicating that: a test program has been operating.
If power is restored after the loss, it will run automatically after 3 to 5 minutes. The machine will automatically restart with the wind regime and as before the power failure.
Timer mode
When power is lost, the program timer will automatically be canceled, in case of power have to manually install the timer mode.
Lightning and Air Conditioning
Air conditioning was installed protective equipment is available, but to better protect your air conditioning from your damage to the impacts of the unusually strong light, you should turn off the power supply and withdrawal from the socket. /.

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